PhysX based flipper game


The game was developed as a home work project for the BME Computer Graphics Group. The main goal was to write a game software which uses Ogre 3D graphics engine, various feature of the PhysX simulation engine, shader programming and pre-processing algorithms.

Pinball is a type of arcade game in which points are scored by a player manipulating one or more balls on a play field inside a pinball machine. The primary objective of the game is to score as many points as possible. The main theme of the pinball board was inspired by the Steven Spielberg: Back to the Future movies. Every game is started with 5 balls. The "time machines" can teleport the ball from one point of the board to the other and increase the score multiplicator.


  • C++ / Visual Studio 2008
  • Ogre 3D graphics engine
    • Overlay
    • Phong shader
    • Glow and MotionBlur post-processing
  • Nvidia PhysX physics engine
  • Maya modelling software
  • Photoshop


  • Left Shift: left flipper bat
  • Rigth Shift: right flipper bat
  • Space: launch ball from starting point
  • R: reset game
  • Backspace: reset ball to starting position (debug)