3D modelling

3D animation and modelling projects

My 3dsMax and Maya animation and modelling projects

Matroshka on ISS

The scene shows the Matroshka module on the ISS (International Space Station). Flight directions, angles (between the Sun, Earth's axis and the flight path) and the south atlantic anomaly is also visible in the animation.

ISS Matroshka (3dsMax)

House Demolition

This scene shows a ruined house and the demolition of a brick wall. Havoc physics, low-poly modelling and particle system was used.

Hosue Demolition (3dsMax)

FlippX modelling

Modells created for the FlippX game (table and parts). The animation is calculated in-game with Nvidia PhysX with the proceduraly generated physical model.

FlippX (Maya, PhysX)

20th Century Fox

The revised (more hungarian) version of the famous logo of 20th Century Fox.

20th Century Fox (3dsMax)