About me

I was born in Budapest, Hungary. Even as a child I was interested in information technologies. I started to experiment with programming when I was 12, and I coded my first software in Turbo Pascal language, and created several demo applications and games. On my father's request I developed my first major software (a scientific application) that was able to accept input, do some calculations based on formulas and equations, and save the results to files. When I was 15 I started to design webpages, and learned the basics of 3D modeling (3dsMax, Maya) and image editing (Photoshop).

I started my studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK). I gained some basic experience in C, C++, Java, C#, PHP and JavaScript programming languages, learned the basics of software design and development, and got familiar with image processing. For a short period I have been making simple web pages, with registration, login, and custom administration features. At the university I started to specialize in artificial intelligence, machine learning, knowledge based expert systems, and image processing. The first team project in which I participated was to design and implement an autonomous navigation system for a robot car: MITMOT. The navigation was camera based and completely autonomous, and a special path finding algorithm was developed to avoid obstacles and find the optimal path to the target area.

In 2009 a started to work for the Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) as a member of a smaller team. My work was to contribute to in the development of an image processing software, and implement some new features. In 2010 I finished my BSc thesis: “Measuring morphological parameters of microscopic particles”. The work deals with the basic concepts of image processing, the challenges set by the analysis of nuclear solid state track detectors, SSNTD, and possible answers to these challenges.

I continued my Msc (master) studies at the same university and department, and at the same time –as a part-time job – I worked as a programmer for a smaller company which deals with web-portal, web-application and CMS development. As a continuation of my BSc thesis, I created an image processing software specialized for SSNTD evaluation (JParticles), for a research institute. During the MSc, I started to work with the Microsoft Kinect sensor, and designed a Kinect based ambient intelligent system for health care and gesture recognition. As a result, a complex AAL system was developed in C#, capable of human fall detection and context dependent gesture and ADL activity recognition. The system was tested in real situations and it was performing very well comparing to other solutions known before.

At the end of 2011, as a software engineer, I joined the international ESA BEXUS project. My work was to extend the functionality of the communication software, and implement new features.
I finished my studies in 2012, obtaining a master degree in Informatics Engineering, with excellent degree.
My interests are: image processing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality systems, machine learning.